Still searching for the light 

If you weren't aware this week is PNDA Awareness Week. In the last few days I have read some beautifully raw and inspiring stories of other mums journies with pre and post natal anxiety and depression. It is so liberating to see mothers sharing their stories and it's very comforting to be able to relate... Continue Reading →


I have had the same problem my whole life and it is the root of all of my insecurities. Comparing. I, for as long as I can remember, compare myself and my situations to everyone else. Everything from my body, my relationships, my experiences and now my mothering journey. I spend more time comparing myself... Continue Reading →

Stop the hate 

I remember in early high school there were clear groups or cliques. There were the popular kids who were confident and were at all the party's, the smart kids who were quiet and never at the party's, the rebels who were loud and throwing the party's and the in-between kids who kinda floated between everyone... Continue Reading →

It takes work 

Becoming a parent changes so many aspects of your life; your lifestyle, your priorities, your body (for mamas and sometimes for papas) and what I have recently had to accept, your relationship. Some couples thrive becoming partners in parenting, their bond gets stronger and they form an unbreakable team to raise their little mini human together. But... Continue Reading →

This kid is broken!

I am a first time mum so I don't doubt there will be plenty of seasoned mamas rolling their eyes and scoffing as I say this, but fuck me my child must be broken with the amount of whining she does. She is only 12 months old and I already feel like I've been through... Continue Reading →

Could I do it all again?

I don't know what is scarier, the thought of having another baby or never being ready to have another baby. With having started back at work and the husband no longer FIFO it is something I have had to ask myself but can't bring myself to discuss out loud. I guess it's the natural progression... Continue Reading →

I don’t got this 

The support fellow mamas show each other on social media is incredible. I know there are some nasty pasties out there that think they are above everyone else and feel the need to be judgemental and mean but for the most part I see so much encouragement and love from mother to mother, support, well... Continue Reading →

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