My name is Sami, I’m 28 years young, I’m a mother of one little bambini Miss Chloe Alexis and wife of Brett, an amazing man who spent most of the first year of Chloe’s life working FIFO but now works a 2:1 roster based locally. We live in Perth, Western Australia but both spent most of our youth in the Pilbara (my husband and I met at high school in a remote mining town). We have been married for 5 years and together for 11.

Another mummy blogger I hear you say…well  I wont claim to be unique, the daily mum life struggle is just as real for me as anyone else. But this is the life I’m living, my experiences are unique to me so I’m here to share my struggles and joys of being a first time mother, if not to share my experiences with those that may be interested but to document for my daughter and any future children I’m crazy enough to have so they might know why I’m slightly insane.

Disclaimer: My blogs wont always be funny, I’m honestly not that witty but I am brutally honest. I am known to overshare and be a little dramatic at times so please enjoy my crazy and honest account of our lives with our gorgeously tiring daughter.

I also like to baby spam the shizz out of Instagram on the daily so please feel free to check that out: @sami_beecroft


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