Stop the hate 

Stop the hate 

I remember in early high school there were clear groups or cliques. There were the popular kids who were confident and were at all the party’s, the smart kids who were quiet and never at the party’s, the rebels who were loud and throwing the party’s and the in-between kids who kinda floated between everyone else. But then by year 10 we all kind of got along as a large group, I remember it being the best year of my schooling life. We had all kind of gotten over the shit that divided us and everyone was friends and respected one another. There just wasn’t a lot of drama or hate.

I feel like if a group of 50 early teens can coexist without constantly taring one another down with negativity and hate then why the hell can’t we as adults do the same? When did it become ok to make another human feel lesser than themselves? I may be naive or maybe I just grew up with different values but I really don’t understand why people think it’s ok to devalue another human.

I’ve only been doing this blog thing for a little while and luckily I haven’t had to deal with any hate yet but I see other bloggers who I admire being bought down by haters and trolls. Some things I read I don’t always agree with and I’m pretty sure with my lack of filter there are things that I say that aren’t agreed with, but if you don’t have a valid respectful option to share then move along. What affect is it really having on your existence if you don’t like something you see or read? Is it affecting you so much you feel the need to address it and make someone else feel like they have wronged society by expressing themselves? Unless it is something that is specifically about you then it’s not your place to target someone with hateful words. A healthy debate and expression of opinion is wonderful but when it starts to get personal or a person is just being blatantly rude then that is not ok.

Words can hurt. I feel like the expression ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’ doesn’t hold true these days. The words that people use can be more painful than physical abuse. And even worse can lead someone to self harm if the words drive them to a depressive state. Some people are strong enough to rise above the words but they can keep chipping away at your confidence and eventually break even the strongest person. When key board worriers start making you question your self worth it can affect a person in so many different ways; mentally, emotionally, physically. It is so much bigger than people contemplate and is just something that I struggle to comprehend how is still happening especially among grown women on social media.

Take a moment to think about how you would feel if a family member of yours was affected by online bullying or harassment. Imagine they were trolled online so much that they felt the only way to escape the abuse was to harm themselves. You would be pissed wouldn’t you? You would want to find the person/s that made them feel unworthy and belittled and give them a piece of your mind and/or your right hook? I know it isn’t always this intense and it can be as simple as an off the cuff comment that strikes a cord with someone but if you wouldn’t say it to someones face then you shouldn’t write it to someone. Being nice is just so much easier and happiness is contagious, if you really don’t agree with something you see then just unfollow or discuss with your girlfriends over your next coffee catch up, don’t feel the need to take time out of your life to spread negativity – there is enough of that in the world.

Every single person on this earth is here for a reason, we are all beautiful in our own way and no one has the right to make you feel you aren’t worthy. I know I won’t be able to protect Chloe from everything during her life but like any parent I don’t want to have to protect my child from senseless bullying. I can only hope that humanity will be kinder as she grows but I am also aware that there are people out there that feel their opinion is superior or that hurtful words will somehow make them feel better about themselves. Stop the hate, uplift one another, empower and encourage each other and spread some positive energy instead.

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