Things I wish I’d done before having a baby

Things I wish I’d done before having a baby

I think I’ve said it more than enough but having a baby changes your life in every way you could imagine. It’s amazing, exhausting, rewarding, eye-opening, humbling, terrifying, did I mention exhausting?! Your reason for waking up in the morning (or several times through the night in some cases) is not for you anymore, everything you do is for your child. This doesn’t mean you will always lose yourself but you will discover a whole new side to yourself that you otherwise might not have known.

Looking back now I wish I had taken advantage of my freedom more before I had a baby. Chloe was planned and I am far from being a teen mum, 7 years away to be exact so I had plenty of time pre baby to run a muck and live out my early 20’s wild and free. But I was a bit boring and scared to step outside my comfort zone. I’ve only been overseas once and that was to Bali with some girlfriends for a joint birthday bash but even then I didn’t necessarily let loose (probably a good thing as I was actually pregnant with Chloe but was very early and unaware). I was never a big drinker, only smoked on the odd social occasion, never jumped out of a plane, never had a one night stand (I have been with my husband for nearly 12 years so that would have been awkward and inappropriate at age 15), I’ve never even skinny dipped.

So as I’m nearing 30 (gulp!!!) I should probably start a bucket list of things I want to accomplish in my 30’s but first, here is a list of things I wish I’d done in my pre baby days. *Disclaimer* I know I could very well still do these things now with a baby but let’s be real, Miss Plain Jane here probs won’t get round to it.

  • Travel! I remember when we bought our house so many people said that we should travel first, explore the world before getting tied down with a mortgage then a baby. Well I wish I’d heeded that advise. I used to say I just wasn’t a traveller but if I’m being honest (which you know I’d be nothing less) I was just scared of the unknown. I’m very process driven and a planner, I’ll plan a day out mentally the night before down to how long it will take to pick an outfit if I haven’t already laid it out the night prior. The thought of packing a bag and travelling to another part of the world with no idea of what will come next may sound exciting and liberating to some but to me it is pure anxiety and terror. I’m fascinated by stories of travel, tales of discovering new parts of the globe, meeting people of different backgrounds and cultures, trying food from different continents..I could listen to a backpackers stories for hours. But I do wish I had discovers more of the world myself – maybe I still will, maybe I won’t but I will definitely encourage Chloe to discover the world when she’s older and I’ll live vicariously through her adventures.
  • Enjoyed the time with just the two of us. Now take note Mr Beecroft, we didn’t go on too many “dates” before we decided to make a mini human. To be fair Brett was working a 3:1 roster and my work hours were long too so there wasn’t a whole lot of time but I’m regretful that we didn’t make more time. We went and had the odd meal together but nothing more than a meal at our local pub or brekky at the coffee shop. Why oh why didn’t we book a sneaky hotel room down South every now and then or go all out and stay at the Casino for a night?!? We did take a short trip to Sydney together for a few nights which was wonderful but only that one time in the 12 years of being together. Spontaneous getaways were few and far between but as Chloe gets older I’m sure we can palm her off to family and make a swift getaway. Brett I hope your reading this and making a mental note sir!
  • Appreciated my body more! As it will never EVER be the same again. I already had a pretty weird body shape before Chloe, I would say I’m a weird mix of an apple and an hourglass but not quiet a pear. A butternut pumpkin perhaps. But now that I carried a baby in my pouch and stretched the shit out of my tum and hips I’d say I’m still a butternut but in one of those stretchy mirrors you see at a fairground. I’ve written a blog on my body image woes but I’m not super body confident so I didn’t wear a lot of bikinis before housing a fetus but I really wish I’d just appreciated my curvy, non stretch marked, relatively non wobbly bod a bit more. I’m sure the hubs would agree but I also wish I’d strutted around in the nuddy more, in the comfort of my home of course. I’m not a prude but I am a lady, no nip slips happeneing around here!
  • Taken more hour-long baths. The thought of a long warm bubbly tub with some candles and a glass of pinot noir actually makes me a little giddy. I didn’t utilise our bath nearly enough before it was taken over my rubber ducks and foam tub stickies. I haven’t jumped in the bath with Chloe yet but perhaps I will next time, I know it won’t be relaxing and I’ll probably end up having to take a shower afterwards as Chloe likes to pee in the bath but I’ll take what I can get.
  • Going on weekend benders with the gals. I see a lot of posts on the old book of facey of younger people I know going on weekend long getaways with their #squad either to music festivals, birthday vaycays or just a trip to Margs to sit at the beach and drink lots of wine coz #yolo. I only did this a few times but I think now “tha fuck wasn’t I doing that every other weekend?!?”. Seriously, what was I doing with all my free adult time? Oh yeah, I was cleaning my house in one day rather than stretched over a week and sitting on my couch for hours on end watching movies and trash TV with absolutely no interruptions. Excuse me while I grab a Kleenex in mourning of my former stress free life (kidding, but maybe a little).
  • Spent more time at the beach and just enjoying the beauty of nature and shit. I love the beach, not swimming in the ocean with all the sharks and man-eating octopus but sitting on a towel under a brolly (gingers – be sun smart!) with my tootsies in the sand, Corona in hand, watching the waves rolling in. Considering I spent most of my life in the Pilbara with half the time a few hundred k’s away from the coast then the other half in iron and red dirt soaked beaches than would burn the souls out of your feet as you legged it across the sand and the water smelt bad and felt like a hot bath – you would think I would spend most of my pre-baby free summers at the gorg beaches of Cottesloe and Trigg. Well I am a bit ashamed to say I have lived in Perth coming up 4 years and the closest I have been to a beach is Hillarys Boat Harbour and I didn’t even go on the sand. I have only just weeks ago been to Bells Rapids for the first time and we live 10 minutes from it. I guess life gets busy but how I wish I’d spent more time exploring the beauty of our city.

As Chloe gets older and more capable of keeping her shit together we may still cross some of these off as a family. Of course there will be less wine involved with most things (or maybe not, bags not doing the early shift #dadduties). We have so many amazing family adventures ahead of us and being able to share incredible moments with my two loves will be so rewarding. Being that we are still fairly young when Chloe is in double digits I think we will be more than happy to send her off to her grandparents while hubs and I take a little trip overseas, maybe Hawaii! Brett, hope your still taking notes buddy!

Me n brett.JPG
So young and care-free, and pierced apparently

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