The first sick baby experience

Chloe had her first real illness this week, a lovely viral infection caught from her first week at daycare no doubt. I was completely aware that putting her into daycare would have her catching every kind of nasty little bug and infection but like a lot of new parents I was dreading the first illness... Continue Reading →

Things I wish I’d done before having a baby

I think I've said it more than enough but having a baby changes your life in every way you could imagine. It's amazing, exhausting, rewarding, eye-opening, humbling, terrifying, did I mention exhausting?! Your reason for waking up in the morning (or several times through the night in some cases) is not for you anymore, everything... Continue Reading →

Why a blog?

I didn't realise blogging was such a massive community until I started discovering the many idols I now follow (albeit stalk) daily. Being a shy person and extremely self critical I honestly didn't expect anyone to be interested in my rambling, I started blogging as therapy for myself (I suffer from PND and as my... Continue Reading →

What am I doing wrong?!

Something I feel all parents ask themselves daily, what am I doing wrong? Call it mum doubt, parent-noia (aka parent paranoia, aka constant-unnecessary-worry-about-not-much-at-all), mama worry, first time parenting-itis...we all experience it as parents as we all strive to be the best caregivers we can for our little Vegemites but we tend to forget to take... Continue Reading →

The ‘D’ Word

Slow your roll mum, I'm talking about daycare not divorce. That's right, it's time to chuck the kid at a stranger and go back to work. This may seem like a small window of freedom and a glimpse at normalcy for some but for me and I'm sure many others it's completely terrifying and nerve-wracking.... Continue Reading →


I posted a blog a few weeks back sharing some of the up sides of FIFO in my opinion. Today I wanted to share the single hardest thing I experience being a FIFO family and that is the overwhelming and all-consuming feeling of loneliness. My husband hasn't been on his normal 2:1 rotation for nearly... Continue Reading →

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