This shit is hard

I may have alluded to this briefly in previous blogs but fuck me, this parenting gig is hard work. There are so many, and I mean SO SO many amazing beautiful great incredible wonderous things about being a mum but there are so many down right shit things that just aren't talked about when you... Continue Reading →

A promise to myself

I'm not sure if anyone else saw but Meghan Trainor was on Sunrise this morning. As soon as she starting singing the song 'Me too' it put me in a good mood. I started singing and shaking my hips while Chloe laughed at me from her walker as I cooked breakfast. The song stuck in my... Continue Reading →

It’s not so bad

I'm sure everyone has heard the perils of being a FIFO family..missing out on events, missing important milestones of children, missing family, missing sleeping under your own can be pretty miserable for the worker and their family. But you rarely hear the positives. Admittedly the pros list is a bit shorter than the cons... Continue Reading →

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